Nutrition is the first requirements of human; growing, sustaining the life, keeping the health should need nutrition. Most important aim of nutrition is to provide the nutritional elements in sufficient amounts according to age, sex and physiological condition of individual. Malnutrition is effective of formation of some diseases sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. Malnutrition is one of the important problems of our country especially for the children in adolescence, pregnant women, old people, and workers working in heavy jobs. Main source which cause these problems is; chose of wrong foods, wrong preparing, cooking and keeping methods. 


Unconsciously applied diets which are obtained from newspapers and magazines threaten our health. Especially the risks of diets which we call “fashion diets” depending on single type nutrition (Atkins diet, Sweden diet, Blood group diet, Beverly Hills diets etc.) shouldn’t be ignored. This type of diets cause anemia, osteoporosis, kidney disorders, slowdown of basal metabolism, reducing attention, lack of energy, weakness when they are applied long terms.     


Private Konya Anıt Hospital nutrition and diet department; works with care accordingly the quality policies of our hospital and preparing the nutrition programs of patients.


Clinic, polyclinic and pregnancy nutrition services of Private Konya Anıt Hospital nutrition and diet department is carried out by dietitian. 


As clinic services, nutrition of hospitalized patients in our hospital, preparing the proprietary diets, delivering these meals to the patients and their relatives hygienically and properly is provided, offers and demands of relatives, hospitalized patients are kindly noted in order to make the requested variations on servicing the meals.


As polyclinic services, trainings about the proper diets are provided for individuals who applied our hospital by our doctors ant dietitians according to their conditions and patients who applied for weight loss are followed by controlling routine. Proper diet services for diabetes mellitus, coroner hearth diseases, hyper tension, slimness, obesity, intestine disorders (spastic colon, ulcerative colitis etc.) stomach disorders (ulcer, gastritis, etc.) and liver diseases are given in our hospital.