What is prostate organ?

Exists on outlet of bladder. Resembles to chestnut generally. It is 18 gr for adult males. 


What is prostate enlargement?

Prostate could be enlarged good or bad natured by growth. Any male over 40 should be examined at urology policlinics for prostate once at least in a year.


What is PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)?

It is the blood work which shows prostate cancer diagnosis with prostate examination. It should be first observed in operations 


What type of complaints does prostate enlargement cause
  • •  Frequent widdling
  • •  Difficult urination, strain
  • •  Intermittent urination
  • •  Dropping after urination
  • •  re-urination demand after the urination 
  • •  Thinning on urination
  • •  Close distance urination
  • •  Sometimes sexual functionality disorders 


How does prostate enlargement diagnosed?
  • •  Urological examination
  • •  PSA
  • •  Ultrasonography
  • •  Measure of urination flow
  • •  Symptom scoring 


How does prostate enlargement treated?

Medicine treatment and surgical treatment is applied. Each patient could have different type of treat. Surgical treatment is a performed open and close (endoscopic) type. TUR and laser are the most used methods applied on closed surgery.