Gastro esophageal reflux disease which is known as reflux colloquially is the raise of acidic and bilious fluid to the esophagus. Reason of that is; not performing the cover which prevents passes from stomach to esophagus. So, Esophagus which is frail to acid and bilious damaged and complaints are occurred. Most frequent complaints are; burning and pain behind the rib cage, coming out the stomach contents to the mouth, intumescence and indigestion. Cough and awakening due to passing stomach content in to inspiration tracts in sleep, hoarseness, and chronic pharyngitis could be observed in advanced periods. Most important and dangerous point is the possibility of cancers which could be developed in the lesions of esophagus.                


Treatment of reflux includes diet, drugs and surgical interfere. Reflux patients must eat less and shouldn’t sleep on a full stomach. Reflux patients should avoid, fatty meals, raw vegetable, and fruits (especially tomato, onion, citrus) meals with sauce, tea, coffee, acidic drinks, sausage, salami, wiener, leavened drought pastries and especially alcohol. Reflux patients should sleep on the beds with 30 degree slope and on their left side as possibly. Narrow clothes shouldn’t be worn and heavy sports should be avoided. Decreasing the acid incretion and decreasing surface contact drugs are used in medical treatment. Surgical intervention is the absolute solution for reflux. Laparoscopic surgery is an effective treatment for patients, who use continuously drug and having increased complaints when they interrupt the drugs, who has not healing wounds in esophagus in spite of drugs, have advanced cellular variations in esophagus.      


One of the most important cases of reflux operations is the experience of surgeon. Criteria for experience of surgeons are normally 200 total and 50 annually but in our hospital we had totally 2500 operations and 400 operations annually. In this context our hospital is a reference point in the region. Endoscopic attempts are considered insufficient and effect of disease is revealed by pH meter which exist only a few centers. Our patients can start nutrition from mouth in the evening of operation and discharged the following day.