Processes realized in radiology departments :
Digital conventional Rontgen:

Last phase of traditional method includes digitally working devices. With or without drug examines could be performed by Digital conventional Rontgen.

It avails to investigate the kidneys and small and large intestines.    


Colorized Doppler Ultrasonography :

Veins are the paints of our body where proper movement continues significantly. For that reason Doppler is the method which is used for vein examination. All the veins could be examined by Doppler immediately. Examining either blood flow in uterus veins or blood flow in navel string or some veins belonging to the baby is quite useful in order to determine some problems for pregnancy.   


Mammography :

Mammography is a special device which is able to monitor the breast. It is one of the most effective monitoring methods of breast cancer. Results obtained from mammography method which is applied in order to determine as small as abnormalities which couldn’t be determined by examination in the breast are very important for diagnosis of breast cancer diagnosis. 


Magnetic resonant monitoring :

This process which is generally known as MR is a nuclear Magnetic resonant monitoring. Generates display according to hydrogen atom densities and movements. It is a common method which is used in order to monitor the internal structure of creatures. 


Main MR inspections we perform as Universal hospitals Group;
  • Cranial MR Orbital MR
  • Musculoskeletal system MR examinations
  • Breast MR (dynamic contrasted)
  • Thorax MR Abdomen MR