Distortions which were formed on the surface of gristles due to structural disorders, trauma or congenital disorders, rheumatic diseases, infections, calcifications, could cause serious pains and limitation of movement by the time. This situation could reduce the life quality of patient and transform in to a chronic unhappiness.


Total joint prosthesis is the most proper treatment choice for the patients who have advance joint gristle damage and daily limitation of movement was advanced, in cases which pain control is not provided and limitation of movement is not removed with physic treatments and intraarticular injections and drugs. Purpose of prosthesis operation is making the patient have a moving, painless joint and provide higher daily life quality. 


Total joint prosthesis aims to remove current pains and gaining stability to joint with repeat function by replacing the damaged joint surface with artificial materials. Joint prosthesis applications increase gradually in our country as all around the world. By the way shoulder, elbow, fingers, foot and hand ankle prosthesis applications are carried out. 


Total joint prosthesis generally consists of two joint side pieces and one piece of excipient. Damaged joint surfaces removed and replaced metal parts squeezed to the bone or fixed by bone cement.


Well results are obtained by a well-structured prosthesis.  Detailed information of patients before the prosthesis application is very important in terms of success of operation. Learn what you must do before and after from your doctor, If you need to have prosthesis operation.