Prostate is one of the male genital organs and exists under the bladder. Canal (urethra) which carries urinate from bladder passes through the central of prostate gland.


Prostate enlarges as long as the increasing age of males and it could obstruct the bladder outlet urethra. This is come out by difficulties in urination. This disease is called benign prostate hyperplasia. In fact this is not a cancer, but prostate cancer could cause same complaints so it should be revealed whether cancer or not.

Expanding prostate as benign lesion (BHP: Benign prostate hyperplasia), occurs approximately at 45. Especially by increasing the age some good natured enlargements could occur in prostate tissue. 


Having burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, sensation of unable to void completely after urination, always having a sensation of urination, go to toilet at nights, having urination intermittent, bloody urination, spreading urination, different colors of flows from ureter, bleeding with sperm are the indications of prostate diseases.  





One of the surgical treatment methods of Benign prostate expand is closed prostate operation technique. Prostate tissue is removed by entrance to lower ureter with camera. Some physically types energies are used for that reason but developing plasma kinetic energy make the technics easier. By this technic more reliable operations are possible and metabolic side effects are not occurred. Also bleeding reduced and successful results are obtained as well as the other technics in long term periods for men. Current dense is higher but trauma related the electricity current is not observed due to the usage of bipolar energy. It is a technic which enables pathological diagnosis and tissue sampling after operation.     


When the operation is made by plasma kinetic TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate; its meaning, remove the prostate by urethral way) lower urethral is inserted by telescopic thin metallic pipe. Prostate tissue is cut with small parts and removed out by using plasma kinetic energy usage. These parts are sent to pathology laboratory. Attempt lasts 1-1,5 hour. Cannula is placed after the process and urination is removed from the body. Cannula is double canalized proper to discharge the inlet fluid and washing inside with serum continuously. 


Advantages of prostate surgery with plasma kinetic:

- Being the most reliable prostate treatment

- Applicability of all type of prostates 

- Usage of serum physiologic during the process 

- Minimum bleeding by means of private devices

- Not damaging environmental tissues

-minimum complication risks

- Not having erectile dysfunctions in post-operative period 

- Short cannula duration