Patient Information Booklet

Patient Information Leaflet                            

Patient Information Leaflet has been prepared to complete your visits to Private Konya Anıt Hospital comfortably and uneventfully and to know our institution more closely.





Quality, OHS and Environment Policy

Mission and Vision

Rights of Patients' Relatives

Responsibilities of Patients and their Relatives

Visitor Policy

Patient Accompanist Policy

Patient Accompanist Policy for Intensive care

Security Information and Policy

Complaint Policy

Patient Admission and Discharge Procedures

Archive Information



Dear patient and patient relatives;

The Patient Information Leaflet is a brochure introducing the Private Konya Anıt Hospital in every aspect. In the information leaflet, you can easily find the answers of all the questions that are closely related to the patient and the patient's relatives. You can reach all the information about your rights, the rules to follow and the ways how to do the transactions, and also get more about our hospital. Thus, both you will be able to know our institution more closely and do everything you want to do easily during your stay in our hospital



It is our quality policy to offer the best health care services at the lowest possible cost, to support the our hospital’s quality of service  with modern medical devices, to maximize the team work of our staff, to provide patient and patient relatives satisfaction and to develop in quality management system by making  continuous improvements.


It is our occupational health and safety policy to fulfil  the requirements of applicable regulations of the health and safety  and ministry of health and to make continuous improvements in occupational health and safety management and performance in order to prevent the  employees of our institution and customer  from being injured and having health impairments in our hospital.


It is our environmental policy to prevent pollution and to make continuous progress providing that current legal regulations shall be obeyed and works on environmental aspects shall be done.


Our Mission

 It is to offer world class healthcare services to all people with modern technology by adhering to the rules of medical ethics in all fields we serve and by adopting  human health and happiness as our basic principles.


Our Vision

It is to be a reliable and leading healthcare center where a highly qualified human resource provides healthcare for the most of the population.


Rights of Patient

Private Konya Anıt Hospital attempts to maximize the patient safety and patient satisfaction by adhering to the patient rights. All hospital team offers you service  within the framework of these rights.


Your Rights

It is your most natural rights as a patient to;

Take service by seeing value,

Request us to keep the services you have received about your illness and your treatment during your hospitalization,

Get information about the doctor and health care personnel responsible for your treatment,

Ask for information about your situation and asking it to be conveyed to you as you understand it,

Participate in decisions about your treatment,

Use your right to refuse or stop treatment,

Reach all the information in your patient file,

Review your invoice and ask for clarifications about the problems related to it,

Notify your suggestions and complaints about the hospital or hospital team easily.

Private Konya Anıt Hospital offers the best quality service by adhering to patient rights.

Responsibilities of Patients and their Relatives

Patients and patient relatives have also responsibilities to fulfill while Private Konya Anıt Hospital is providing service by adhering to patient rights. Offering effective and quality health care services could be possible by fulfilling the responsibilities and duties by the hospital and the patient


What we request from you are;

to completely and correctly transmit all the information and troubles related to your health to your doctor and  to desire treatment,

to comply with the recommendations of the physician and nurse who are treating you

to ask for information about your health and you treatment

to call the nurse by pressing on call bell, when needed,

Inform physicians and nurses who cares about your treatment about the changes in your situation,

to reject the treatment and to accept the problems emerged because of your failure to comply with the treatment plan,

to comply with the rules that will affect the treatment and treatment process,

to pay the participation fee required to be received in your treatment, If you have a health insurance, and to pay all the payments on tie if you are pay patient

to show respect to the people around you and to all hospital personnel,

to know that your personal properties are under your responsibility and take measures accordingly,

to comply with the hospital's visitor policy and other rules (use of smoking, alcohol and other prohibited substances, carrying weapons).

To provide peace and discipline in hospital, we must fulfil our responsibilities and duties in mutual understanding and respect.



Meal Times

Breakfast:07.00 am

Lunch:12.00 pm

Dinner:17.00 pm

Night Breakfast:12.00 pm


Visitor Policy

The patient is hospitalized for treatment, not for being guest or accepting guests in hospital. For this reason, the rules set forth for visitors are of great importance for the positive development of the patient's treatment.

Maximum two persons should visit the patient room at the same time.

Our visiting hours start every day at 08:30 in the morning and end at 22:30 in the evening.

It is unfavourable to bring children under 12 years of age to the hospital visits.

It is vital to come to the hospital with clean clothes for the patient health.

It is not allowed to smoke in hospital and bring live flowers to the patient's room.

Visitors coming to the Intensive Care Unit are allowed at the times indicated by the Intensive Care Specialist and by informing the patient's relatives.

For the patients who are not approved for visits by his/her physician, their relatives are informed and visitors are not allowed

Patient Accompanist Policy

If something different is said by the doctor,  only one person can stay as a patient accompanist

The patient accompanist must act in the direction of  guidance of the doctor and the nurse.

The patient accompanist can perform the care of the patient or the intervention to the patient to the extent allowed.

The patient accompanist has to comply with all the rules of the hospital.

The patient accompanist is not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Information shall be provided you by service secretary about the of single-seats, use of telephone, paging system and toilet-bath etc. in our hospital. In case of any problem, it immediately must be notified to the employee.


Patient Accompanist Policy for Intensive care

      Intensive care patients are the high-risk patients. They are patients having multi organ  dysfunction or at risk of developing multiple organ dysfunction.


 Excepting the physicians responsible of intensive care, other physicians and other health care personnel are not entitled to inform patient relative about their patient.

   It is allowed to give information to others other than the first degree relative pursuant to the patient's rights law.

First-degree relatives were defined as parents, siblings and children.

Only one first degree relative of the patient can be informed from.

They will be informed by the Responsible Doctors from 16:00 to 16:30 pm.

More than three visitors are not allowed concurrently.

Any food or drink cannot be given to intensive care patients by visitors.

No medicines or other substances brought by the visitors to the ICU from outside can be given.

A visit to any patient form whom the doctor does not allow any visit is not accepted.

Visiting hours are 12:00 to 13:00 pm each day on weekdays.

It is inconvenient for visitors to sit on patient beds in terms of patients' health.

It is not allowed to inform patients' relatives by phone


Protection of personal properties

All the personal properties of patient who has no patient accompanist and who will undergo an operation are taken and kept by the hospital authorities against a signature in accordance with the quality standards when s/he was conscious.  Personal properties of patients having a patient accompanist are be under their responsibility.


Security Information and Policy

It is kindly asked inpatients not have their valuable articles with them.

Patients with valuable articles must deliver them to the patient accompanists or hospital management,  if there is no patient accompanist,  when leaving their room.


Inpatients can keep their valuable articles in cabinets in the room.

If any of your articles is lost, you should report the suspicious case or person to the nurse responsible for service.

Complaint Policy

Patient and patient relatives may transmit any complaint about medical care, paperwork, service, in written, to the patient rights representative or my use complaint boxes used in service.

Patient complaints are forwarded to the communication coordinator by the patient rights representative

The communication coordinator closes the complaints and they are assessed by the complaints and satisfaction committee.


Patient Admission (Hospitalization) Procedures

SGK (Social Security Institution)

Pay Patient

Contracted insurance providers and private insurances

SGK Patient

These patients can easily perform the procedures in the hospital with their employee or pensioner id card.

During the entrance procedure of the retired or working patient, the identity and address information is obtained, and the patient is informed about the transactions to be performed and the participation fees to be taken.

Identity and address details of employee or pensioner patient are taken during the admission transactions and they are informed related to participation fee to be received.


Pay Patient

Patients who do not have any health insurances will be given hospital charge information and  s/he is examined and hospitalized against a fee.



Private insurer patient

The patient's transactions are carried out according to the private insurance of patient.

Contracted insurance provides will prepare the patient's file according to the terms of the agreement and calculate the fee within the framework of the agreement and start the approval process with the documents required by institution.

The consent form is signed by patient and an discharge permit is given.

Patient admission

The patient is directed to the relevant division in the direction of their complaints.

If  the patient can not give clear information about the polyclinic to go and if there is any problem, emergency doctor can be asked for help in this regard.


If it is necessary for the patient to be treated in the hospital as a result of the examination, the patient's hospitalized in hospitalization-discharge section y getting his hospitalization file.


Administrative personnel charged in patient admission- discharge give price information and collects the hospital charge from patient or his relative by providing information

Patient Discharge

The discharge documents of the patient are prepared by the related policlinic and patient admission service.

Following the approval of doctor for discharge, the patient's file is delivered to the patient discharge section and relative of patient completes procedures for the patient discharge by going to the  admission-discharge service

The patient's prescription, the price information about the procedures, the epicrisis and the report  are forwarded to the patient or patient relative by the secretary.

The patient is informed by the patient doctor about what to do after discharge and about control times

Archive information

All information about our patients is recorded in our automation system.

The copy of all information and documents in your file will be forwarded to you if you have applied to the hospital administration and in case it is approved.


Patient Rights Representative

S/he works as patient rights representative is in the hospital entrance, and the patients who can not reach the patient rights representative can reach  her/him through the hospital nurse and administrative personnel..

You can get information on any issues you wondered about the hospital from the patient rights representative, and you can forward your complaints, if any.


You may complete the satisfaction questionnaire to be given you by the Patient Rights Representative or write your complaint on the complaint form.


Also, if you have any problem related to our hospital after being  discharged from our hospital, you can call or forward your problem face-to-face to the Patient Rights Representative .