Ozone which comes from Greece ozein what means “smelling”; is an ambient temperature specific smell gas. Ozone which is one of the most important stratosphere gases environmental of the world includes at highest percentage in this layer and works such a filter which absorbs the harmful gases released from sun. That is the same gas which gives the blue color to sky. It comprises by thunder and lightning electrical arcs in the earth and the clean air which we could feel after the rain and storms are the results of ozone.    


Oxygen which exists in atmosphere has two atoms (O2). But ozone compromise 3 oxygen atoms and carry much higher energy chemistry component. While the percentage of O2 existing in the atmosphere was 21 (%), percentage of ozone gas (O3) was 0.005 ppm, so less than 1 (%). Ozone which exists very few in the atmosphere is benefited many areas mainly in health sector, purification of water, bleaching the fabrics and papers, wear off some materials, preparing dryer oils, disinfection of vegetables and fruits in food industry.


Reasons of ozone use in health field depends on the information which this gas can have vital roles in cells. Different effect mechanisms have been shown supporting the clinical proofs of this treatment in molecular level. Ozone treatment cures many diseases or completely corrects, removes the pains in a determined scale and reduces or completely removes but never guarantee 100 % treatment success as the other treatment methods. Even the success and effect mechanism of ozone was approved by scientific studies, it is used as a supportive treatment to other treatments. So it should be evaluate with the other treatments and related department should be notified and disease should be handled completely. For example when evaluating a diabetic foot with ozone treatment, drug treatments of patient, vein structures should be evaluated and related department should be notified when the blood sugar rises. So the experience of doctor who will perform ozone treatment is very important.