Spinal surgery includes the attempts over the spine, nerve roots and covering spine operations. Several diseases of spine and spinal cord cause clinic diseases over these critical formations. Spine and spinal cord are affected by many diseases and findings such as pain, paralysis and loss of sense, neural system function disorders, and restriction of movement of spine and shape deformity occurs. Common observed spinal disorders could be summarized as; cervical disc hernia, slipped disc, degenerative diseases of disc, slip of spine, traumatic situations related the spine and environment, kyphosis-scoliosis, tumoral diseases and constriction.        


As these diseases could develop in a short time (immediate / acute beginning i.e.: bleeding…) their development could spread years / decades. Findings are indications could occur such as; walking disorders, movement constraint, shape disorders, loss of power, loss of sensation, myolysis, thinning in arms and legs, urination and stool control disorders.  


Detailed neurological and advanced monitoring methods (new generation magnetic resonant = MRG and Computed tomography = BT…), electrophysiological examination (EMG,EPS…) is needed for early diagnosis of these large disease group and early treatment. 


Quite successful results could be received by applying surgical treatment for these kinds of diseases which holds spine and spinal cord. Treatment of patient could be possible using the advantages of orthopedics and neurosurgery and the new surgical approaches, technical methods relaxing spine and nerve roots, reconstruction and stabilization of spine could be provided.