Cataract surgery with phaco method

Cataract surgery which doesn’t required suture by installing artificial intraocular lens with absorbing natural lens of human by ultrasonic waves is realized in our hospital. 


Eye pressure (Glokom)

Early diagnosis and treatment of Eye pressure (Glaucoma) which is showed one of the First preventable reasons of blindness  is very important. For this purpose  Nerve Fiber analyzer (GDX-VCC) computer visual space pachymeter devices are used to early diagnosis and treatment of eye Pressure and visual losses are prevented.  


Digital Eye Angiography (FFA)

Digital eye Angiography gives information about web layer and vascular structure of eye. Especially diabetes and high tension patients’ fundus oculi follows are very important. Films are immediately given to the patients by recording to CD’s.  


Argon Laser

Has an important place over the treatment of damage which was occurred dı to systemic diseases especially diabetes and hyper tension.  


Yag Laser

Yag laser is used for the patients who had operated for cataract then had capsule haze. 


A Scan Ultrasonography

A scan Ultrasonography is used for diagnosis and treatment of eye internal eye bleeding, foreign matters tear and separation  


Squint investigation and treatment

Cross eyes which have been diagnosed by Synoptofor are treated and amblyopia which could be possible to occur elderly is prevented. 


Eye prosthesis

Cosmetic aimed Eye prosthesis is prepared according to dimensions and eye color by observing the patient satisfaction.