Nutrition and Dietetic

Nutrition and dietetic

Importance of nutrition is understood for shortening of patient recovery process, ease or stops the course of disease, prevent the disorders recently.

Arranging the nutrition for a healthy and quality life is an obligatory. Nutrition is the base of health Because. 


Subject to be consulted from nutrition and dietetics:
  • Nutrition at obesity and fatness
  • Gaining weight programs
  • Sportive nutrition
  • Nutrition in digestive system diseases
  • Nutrition in kidney diseases
  • Nutrition in diabetes Mellitus (diabetes) nutrition
  • Nutrition in cardiovascular diseases
  • Nutrition in Thyroid 
  • Nutrition in cancer
  • Nutrition in infection, inflammation and immune system diseases 
  • Nutrition is pregnancy and Gestational diabetes
  • Childhood and adolescence age nutrition training  
How do you evaluate ?

We examine and evaluate you individually together with eating habits, physical activities. We measure your fat, muscle, water amount and metabolism age with body analyze device. We prepare a special nutrition program with the data obtained and following up to reach our target. We assist you to practice healthy and balanced nutrition in your life. It is an obligatory to take the nutritional elements completely for a healthy, productive and quality life. Taking these nutritional elements redundantly cause impairment of life and occur chronic diseases at later ages. All the nutritional elements have different effect on each different individual because everybody has different metabolism. For that reason, personal healthy nutritional program should be used by only that person. Everybody has different nutrition program. You could consult nutrition and dietetics expert In order to gain a proper nutrition program.