Hemorrhoid tissues are the small pads consisting of the vena on the point where large bowel ends, outlet of anus. Their duties are to work like a pad during the defecation and controlling the gas discharge. This tissue which normally exists at all people dangles out for some reasons and hemorrhoid occurs. Most frequent observed reason of hemorrhoid is the long time costiveness and straining due to. Enlargements occur due to straining in the veins. Other reasons are fatness, non-moving life, pregnancy, cigarette, alcohol usage, diarrhea, less nutrition by fibrous foods. Hemorrhoid disease is frequently observed in our region where fibrous foods consumption is really fewer. Hemorrhoids are separated in to two types as internal and external hemorrhoid. External hemorrhoid compromises just close to the anus canal outlet and main complaints are; pain and itch. In this type of hemorrhoid, thrombosis hemorrhoid is called the situation of blood clot and it is very painful diseases. It is internal hemorrhoid where occurs inside of the anus. Main indications are bleeding and dangling out. Odem ulcers and infections could be developed. Pain is fewer observed in this type. Chronic anemia could be observed related the bleeding.    


First phase in hemorrhoid diagnosis is direct examination of anus area. Level of hemorrhoid, existence of external hemorrhoid is observed if there is coagulation. Most important examination is to screening by rectoscope. Either internal hemorrhoid or other pathologies which will cause bleeding are reveled including the cancers. Correcting the defecation habit has an important place on preventing the hemorrhoid. Rich nutrition by fibrous foods, not staying in the toilet long time and not straining are some of the precautions. There is no advantage of creams, pomades and setons which have a common belief curing the hemorrhoid in public except temporary relaxing. These treatments shouldn’t be forgotten to cause damage (fissure) and allergic reactions on anus skin during the application.      


All the treatment types of; laser treatment, longa technic, tie with elastic band, dry with injection (sclera therapy), dry with heat (infrared coagulation), hemorrhoid artery tie, plasma kinetic energy treatments are applied in our hospital.       


Crack on anus area is called anal fissure. There are many reasons cause the disease but the significant one is the long time sustaining costiveness. Except this, serious infections on the area and excessive diarrheas are the also accepted as reasons. Trauma occurred in anal canal cause spasm of muscles in this area and spoils the blood circulation of the area than crack advances. Skin wrinkle occurs by this advancing and this formation is supposed hemorrhoid by inexperienced doctors so the treatment would be wrong. Most frequent observed complaint is a tearer, burning and a pain which is such a glass cut.   


Bleeding in the shape of dropping and line is another indication. Diagnosis is made by examining the area with anascope. On treatment of new occurred fissure; creams removing complaints of patients, stool softener diets, drugs which soften the muscles could be tried. But most of the fissures are tend to repeat after the treatment. Surgical intervention is inevitable in these types of patients and chronic situations. Muscle bunch which was strained is loosened and damaged tissue is removed. This process which lasts 5 minutes in our hospital successfully and patients could back to their home after the transaction. pains and bleeding complaints are lost even in the first defecation.   


It is the way which could have a connection with anal canal and existing near the anus. Most frequent observed reason is the apse comprising in this area. Except this; anal fistula is observed on crohn disease, ulcerative colitis intestine diseases. Patient applies with the complaints which pollute their underpants and bad stinking. Pain, bleeding, itching, a mass handled near the anus are the other complaints of patients. Unique treatment is surgery. Procedure according to the placement of fistula and size varies. Fistulotomy, fituloctemi, seton application is provided in our hospital for Fistula diseases; which is a feared symptom for patients and surgeons.    





There are secretory canals which eases the stool pass opening to the anal area. Apse develops by obstruction of these canals and microorganisms. It comes through with excessive pain, swelling, rash. Individual could have fever and weakness. It should not be forgotten that; this situation existing on mentioned area and seeming such a simple rash, could result with death if not treated properly and on time by mixing the apse in to the blood especially for old people, and diabetic patients who have weak immune system.